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True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.

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We’ve all heard our Aussie friends talk about emus, but do you really know what they are?  The answer might surprise you if you had an image in your head of a leaping goat-type creature like I did…They are BIRDS!  That’s right, emus are the second largest living bird by height topped only by their cousin, the ostrich.  They mostly hang out in Australia but have become a common domestic animal in the United States.

Thinking about adding a new furry creature, or in this case, a feathered creature to your household?  Here are 3 reasons why you should consider a pet emu over a pet puppy:


Using a pouch in their throat, an emu lets you know what he wants by booming, which sounds very similar to a grunting noise.  Female emus are better boomers and can deliver a high-intensity boom that can be heard up to 1.2 miles away!  You will never be confused about whether your emu is the loud one barking outside waking up all the neighbors.

If you’re a small dog lover, then you know that they’re more likely to be barkers than big dogs.  As much as your love your adorable furball, his constant yipping and whining can become frustrating over time.

The low resonating tone of an emu’s boom is far less annoying than the constant barking noises made by many tiny dogs.


Emus enjoy grazing on a variety of plants and bugs.  They really love simple outdoor natural products like grass and weeds.  This makes having an emu so great because they essentially will mow the lawn and pull the weeds for you.  Save money every month by ditching your gardener and letting your pet emu do the work!

Have a cockroach problem?  Not anymore you don’t!  Emu’s favorite treats are insects and arthropods, including grasshoppers, crickets, beetles, cockroaches, ladybirds, ants and spiders.  No more seasonal ant problems plaguing your yard!  

I know I struggle with getting to the pet store to buy dog food when my little one runs out.  And good dog food is expensive.  It’s so much easier and cheaper to have a pet emu that not only enjoys dining on what’s already out there in nature but also eliminates your gardening problems and your pest problems!


On really hot days, an emu’s lungs work like an air conditioner by blowing out the heat and cooling the air coming in.  

On really cold days, their noses act like heaters by warming the air they breathe in before it gets all the way down to their lungs.

Whether it’s freezing cold at 23 degrees or blistering hot at 113 degrees, your pet emu is happy as a clam and can run and jump outside for hours.

Even a dog puffer jacket doesn’t really protect your furball from the freezing temperatures.  On top of that, dogs HATE being cold and it’s heartbreaking to watch their dramatic shivering performances.  

Dogs also overheat easily in the summer, which is dangerous for their health and can lead to serious problems.  When walking your dog on a hot summer day, his sensitive paws can fry on the scorching sidewalk and even land him in the vet’s office with severe burns.  Emus have a tridactyl bird foot with three toes on each side.  The tough, claw-like foot can withstand any temperature or terrain, allowing them to get around painlessly in virtually any environment.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m the world’s biggest dog lover.  But because pet emus don’t bark as loud, eats weeds and bugs, and can stay outside in any temperature, they might just be my next backyard pet!